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Our Story: Dr. Ishii and his Legacy

Over 50 years ago, Dr. Ishii had a patient that would change the way he practiced dermatology and revolutionize the field.
Working in an environment and culture that focused only on complex skin conditions and severe burns, he dismissed a patient who was seeking treatment for acne. Seeing the patient react to his words, Dr. Ishii instantly knew he had made a mistake.
He made a commitment to himself and his patients to learn from this mistake and became the first dermatologist in Japan to specialize in cosmetic dermatology.


The First Skincare Clinic In Japan

Established in 1973, Dr. Ishii opened the first skincare clinic in Japan that provided both medical care and spa services. He became the chief consulting physician for major cosmetic brands, such as Kanebo and Max Factor, and was behind the development of SK-II and its bestselling Facial Treatment Essence.





Birth of the FINGGY Mask

For years, Dr. Ishii utilized fermentation metabolites in his practice and believed in the power of such natural products.
He especially believed in NAKAMURAKIN, a specific strain of yeast isolated by Nakamura’s Fungus, a sake brewery-turned-manufacturer of biological products established over 160 years ago in Kyoto. 

A unique characteristic of NAKAMURAKIN is that ideal fermentation exclusively occurs in Otowa water, sourced from the Kiyomizu-dera temple in Kyoto, as the growth medium.