Skin Collage Face


Freeze-dried collagen Face

(0.04oz/1.2G) 1 piece

No parabens, Preservative fragrance used.

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This is a medicinal grade freeze-dried collage sheet which was manufactured using “ Advanced CryoSafe™ Method ” that was developed in Germany. It adopted “3ple (triple) action collagen” which has an almost identical collagen structure as found in human skin. 3 types of collagens, namely , insoluble, soluble and peptide work on our skin to prevent skin disorders and maintain resilience and radiance of healthy skin.



① Cut the skin collage into the shape of your facial contour (or to your liking).

② Wash your face in the morning or at night. After you have toned your skin with skin lotion and such, put the skin collage on your face when it still does not contain moisture. *Putting it on your face shall be difficult if you moisturize the skin collage beforehand.

③ Soak cotton and such with purified water or skin lotion, hold the sheet gently, add moisture until it becomes translucent and stick it on your face.

④ Pack thoroughly for 15 to 20 minutes.

⑤ After you are done with the pack, tone your skin using your usual milk lotion or cream.

*The sheet can be used not only on your face, but on your neck and back as well.


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